Wayne State University


This flowchart is designed to assist Wayne State University employees with considerations toward US Export Control regulations. It is solely intended to provide guidance to those traveling internationally. Individual situations may be further evaluated.

Always use adequate security precautions to protect electronic data and equipment. Note that at a minimum you must:

Note that these measures alone do NOT substitute for export control compliance. Please continue through this determination process for helpful advice and contacts.

Two license exceptions are available for the WSU community when the tangible export of items and software containing encryption code is necessary for travel or relocation:

  • License Exception TMP (Temporary Exports) allows those departing from the US on university business to take with them as "tools of the trade" WSU-owned or controlled, retail-level encryption items such as laptops, smartphones and encryption software in source or object code to all countries except Syria, Iran, Sudan, and North Korea as long as the items and software will remain under their "effective control" overseas and are returned to the US within 12 months or are consumed or destroyed abroad.
  • License Exception BAG (Baggage) allows individuals departing the US either temporarily (travel) or longer term (relocation) to take with them as personal baggage family-owned retail-level encryption items including laptops, smartphones and encryption software in source or object code.

Domestic Travel International Travel (already approved) International Travel (new trip)

Adapted version used with permission from Purdue.